Data masking tool for SQL oriented databases

When you’re looking for SQL data masking tools or an SQL data generator, you’re probably looking for a tool that helps you hide data; to anonymize any privacy sensitive data within your relational databases. The main reason for organizations for masking data is to protect their customers’ private data. DATPROF’s data masking tool DATPROF Privacy supports all major relational databases, of which we highlight a few on this page.

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL Server is a database developed by Microsoft. It is used mostly by organizations for small or medium sized databases. There are several data masking tools for SQL server. Our data masking tool DATPROF Privacy is an example of such a tool, which makes MSSQL data masking an easy job to do.


PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a free and open-source relational database management system. Like SQL Server, PostgreSQL is used for small or medium sized databases. PostgreSQL data masking is done easily with the help of DATPROF Privacy. Determine which tables and columns need masking, apply the right masking or data generation rules and anonymize your data.


Looking for a MySQL data masking tool? With the help of DATPROF Privacy you can mask or generate test data for MySQL. Analyze your data, visualize your data model, build your own masking templates and automate the entire masking process. With the help of our self-service portal DATPROF Runtime you can execute a data masking process manually or automatically.


What is data masking in Oracle? Oracle data masking or obfuscation is making sure private data is being anonymized so it can be used for testing purposes in your Oracle CI/CD pipeline. DATPROF Privacy has many data masking techniques such as the scramble and shuffle. But you can also generate test data in your Oracle database. For example you can generate names, dates, SSN’s, salaries etc. How to do data masking in Oracle? DATPROF supports Oracle database masking natively, and also any application that lies on top of it, e.g. Oracle Siebel, Oracle Health Insurance and Oracle E-Business Suite. This means you can connect to the database directly and you can mask the data manually or you can automate it with the help of our REST API.

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