Protect privacy sensitive data in non-production databases

Comply with leglislation and prevent privacy sensitive data leakage

More and more organizations nowadays use dozens of databases and applications for their processes. Most of those database contains privacy sensitive personal data or corporate critic and sensitive data, but how to protect privacy sensitive data? It´s common to copy those database for other use than the primary process. The majority create multiple copies of those production databases for different purposes like;

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Acceptance
  • Training
  • Outsourcing
  • Etc..

Copying these database means that you now have to secure not one database but for example ten databases. That´s why most governments stated data privacy laws to protect the customers, civilians from wrongdoing. Not protecting privacy sensitive you risk the following:

  • Not complying with data privacy laws and european union directive concerning data protection
  • Exposure of privacy sensitive data to unauthorized users
  • Image loss because of bad publicity when data is leaked
  • Customers that terminate their relation because of lag of  trust in security

Anonymizing or scrambling production data within those non-protection databases is used more and more. You still have your full database with ‘normal’ data, but all privacy sensitive is modified that it cannot be linked to the originial individual.

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